Brighton, September 7th 2021: Jon Card, of Full Story Media

Why did I write this book?

I’d worked as a business journalist for over 15 years and increasingly I was being asked questions by entrepreneurs and business leaders about how the media actually worked.

Eventually, after many Q&A sessions and the occasional bit of paid consultancy. I decided to run my own event called ‘How to Make Your Company Famous’.

The feedback I received from these events was very positive. So I decided to write up the content into a book?

What’s inside?

My goal was to lift the lid on how the media selects stories for publication and how you, too, can get press and publicity for your business.

Inside I reveals time-honoured storytelling techniques used by Oscar-winning film directors, PR gurus, savvy business leaders and successful politicians to capture the attention and imagination of audiences.

I also delves into the media strategies used by world famous entrepreneurs such as Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Anita Roddick and James Dyson.

I aim to answer big questions that people ask me all the time.

What are the BIG questions?

  • How do I get journalists to write about my business?

  • Why do some businesses gain more publicity than others?

  • What do famous entrepreneurs have in common?

  • How do I make my company famous?

    What have readers said about it

“The ultimate handbook for any entrepreneur looking to get their venture into the media.”
Rebecca Burn-Callander, Daily Telegraph.

“Awesome. Jon’s advice and strategies led me to appear on CNN, BBC, Forbes and countless other publications.”
Caspar Craven, serial entrepreneur, adventurer and speaker

“A must read for anyone starting out in business on how the media actually works.”
Madeleine Cuff, Business Green



Through a simple series of videos, worksheets and exercises, learn how to gain press and publicity for your business

Journalist and author Jon Card