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There's a story at the heart of every great company or organisation and understanding yours will boost your communications, sales, marketing, culture and so much more.

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If you want to launch a campaign, raise money, improve communications within your company you need to tap into your business story.

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Successful businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders use storytelling to great effect.

Here’s what people who’ve heard Jon speak say:

“Excellent session. I’d recommend this to any entrepreneur or business – this is essential.”
Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Caffeine Partnership.

“I was delighted that I chose to make the time to travel to London for Jon’s event, which has paid for itself several times over.”
Carl Reader, chairman of d&t and author of Boss It.

“Jon‘s approach to public speaking and story telling is a valuable insight in to the world of journalism- it’s not as frightening as one might think … thank you.”
Rupert Power, company director

“Jon led an insightful session on gaining PR and media attention for your start-up. It was really useful to reprogramme the way you see your own business and know how to pitch it. Jon is a really knowledgeable guy and was great at answering all our questions.”
Jennifer Quigley Jones, founder of Digital Voices

“A highly thought-provoking session in terms of identifying and building a compelling brand story for my business”
David Green, founder of Shoot me Now.

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